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High design & custom webware since 1995

Starting a one-man Internet business from a windowless 10x10 office in 1995 in Brentwood outside Nashville, TN was uncertain at best. The Internet was brand new and barely known except in tech circles. The sales phone call typically included the phrase, "Have you heard of the Internet?" Cell phones were rare and expensive, so a beeper and a pay phone were the communications tools of choice.

Today, ICG Link, Inc. is a vibrant Internet business focused on creative website design and programming, digital marketing, development for the physical web, mobile app development, shared and VPS hosting, email, spam filtering, co-location, DNS and ongoing site maintenance. We host websites and manage mail for thousands of people. In addition to being widely recognized as a leader in custom website design and programming, ICG Link also offers mobile app development and several on-line applications including do-it-yourself website creation tools for businesses, churches and real estate, an email marketing system, a CRM and timesheet system, a file sharing / Intranet application, secure email archiving system and a reservation / appointment system. ICG Link, Inc. has supported over 30 other website design firms with hosting and backup programming and support services.

Our website designers and programmers, residing in Nashville as well as remotely, construct all new websites with the latest technologies and are proficient in PHP, ColdFusion, MySQL, object oriented programming, CSS, Flash ActionScripting (AS3), responsive design, HTML5, Ajax, video for the web and other leading edge technologies and tools. We pride ourselves in creating maximum value for our clients and in establishing a long-term partnership with them to develop the most benefit possible from their web presence.

ICG Link, Inc. is led by seasoned business people who understand the needs of today's corporation. We provide rapid and effective response to meet those needs. We will do everything possible to make your Internet experience profitable and hassle free. We encourage you to visit our offices in Brentwood, TN and see how we work together, for you.

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Our Professional Team

Jack Massari
President, Man-at-Arms

D'Lee Miller
Office Manager, Queen Bee
Jon Myers
Customer Service, Rock Star
Brandon Carswell
Customer Service, Education Specialist

Mark McGowan
Digital Marketing, Provider of English Accent
Kari Slusser
Digital Marketing, Social Marmalady
Sarah Braud
Digital Marketing, Marmawriter
Jude Mason
Digital Marketing, English Marmalady

Josh Cherry
Website designer, Sage of Many Colors
Shawn Edgell
Website designer/Video Maven, Pixel Wizard
Josh Jones
Website designer/Developer, Style Healer, M.D.

Dave Scarbrough
Cold Fusion Developer, Vineyard Master

Charles "Ziggy" Nickolaus
Systems Administrator, Master Cooker
Chase Merola
Systems Administrator, Robot Brain Builder

Warren Brown
Sales Team, Bearer of Gifts