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Since our beginnings in 1995, when the modern web was just beginning to take shape, ICG Link has designed, hosted and programmed advanced functionality for websites for all sizes of clients from individuals to Fortune 500 companies to our own United States Army. Our work has touched most if not all reputable industries from artists and public speakers to churches and ceramics companies.

The dropdown below will allow you to filter our work so you can focus on, for instance, church websites, blogs, CMS websites, e-commerce, logos, video, and more. Let us know how we can create high end design, programming, and video work for you and your company by calling us at 877-397-7605 and talking to one of our sales representatives, or take a moment to fill out our proposal request form.




ZAMA group is the world's largest producer of diaphragm carburetors. There are people out there who use carburetors for many things. You would be surprised to know how many things require a carburetor. Zama needed a site that would allow them to manage a monster database filled with all sorts of interesting information about their product. With a custom CMS and an easy to use interface, we meticulously handcrafted a site that would serve them and their customers both here and in a few other countries. Launch Full Site +


Once a year, MTEMC releases an Annual Report, and in 2013 they decided to make it digital and accessible to all devices and screen sizes. The challenge was to make a page that contained a great deal of information easy to follow and read. Mission accomplished. Launch Full Site +


We created a parallax timeline feed using a mixture of javascript, css, and magic, along with some fancy design to give our client an innovative way to show off their rich history of products. Launch Full Site +


To give our client a responsive, mobile firendly, customer experience, while simplifying their message we moved them to a one page website format. This site uses some simple javascript and our Build 111 CMS to create the one page look using multiple pages in a simple, seamless one page site. We also helped create the logo. And we designed it. We did some consulting to boot. Because that's what we do. Launch Full Site +


We made good use of large, top notch, photography, for a big impact. Displaying photos of things you created or built, in artistic industries, can make for a impressive first impression. This site is a multilayer-ed treasure. If anything, it's worth exploring to see the wonderful buildings this firm has helped bring to life. Oh, and the site is nice to boot. Launch Full Site +


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